Why do I have to build links?

Here are some simple and easy to digest articles about link building that I’ve being meaning to post for quite some time. The good, the bad and the ugly. All post have been curated and authors and their sites references posted as well.

What’s Better – On-page SEO or Link-building? | SEOmoz

 Why do I have to build links?www.seomoz.org4/4/12

People are always asking me whether they should spend their money on on-page SEO or links. The short answer:

Avoid the One Way Link Building Method That Will Get Your Niche

 Why do I have to build links?www.betterbloggingways.com4/4/12

People use various one way link building methods to rank higher and higher, in Google. It’s a tough If you have used these services in the past, these one way link building methods will no longer be valid and you will lose these backlinks.

How to Perform Link Building Effectively | Beneficial Function

 Why do I have to build links?www.beneficialfunction.com4/5/12

When it’s up to SEO, link building is a crucial pillar that can uplift your website ranking and traffic effectively. As the number of quality backlink increases, your website ranking will also start to increase considerably. But you

Link Building Beyond SEO – What it Really Means for your Business

 Why do I have to build links?www.rimmkaufman.com4/2/12

Learn how link building is impacting more of your online presence than you think and how to better understand its impact.

Avoid the One Way Link Building Method That Will Get Your Niche

 Why do I have to build links?www.betterbloggingways.com4/4/12

People use various one way link building methods to rank higher and higher, in Google. It’s a tough If you have used these services in the past, these one way link building methods will no longer be valid and you will lose these backlinks.

Best Tools For Link Building »

 Why do I have to build links?blog.ribbun.com4/5/12

Link building activities and reaching out to web masters for driving new links back to your website can be done easily. There are various great tools that can make the process of link building much easier and much faster for you! so here I am World Community News » Link Building through Article

 Why do I have to build links?www.kazor.com4/4/12

A professional SEO specialist should be an expert on link building strategies. You have to understand that the major search engines put premium on inbound links pointing to your site. An inbound link is a vote of confidence

5 Pro Link Building Tips to Improve Scalability – YouMoz | SEOmoz

 Why do I have to build links?www.seomoz.org3/30/12

There are a lot of subtle things I do when finding & qualifying prospects that I’d like to share with you. They’re very simple, but when you’re going through a list of tens of thousands of prospects, they can save you loads of time.

SEO Companies Use Search Engine Optimization And Link Building

 Why do I have to build links?localwebmarketingexpert.com4/5/12

Link Building. Why you must utilize affordable link building, link building, link building services and best link building software. If you have been involved in Internet marketing for any length of time, then you know exactly how

Outreach Letters for Link Building [Real Examples] | SEOmoz

 Why do I have to build links?www.seomoz.org3/28/12

Outreach letters are a primary element in any quality link building campaign: If you’re not getting responses, you’re not getting links. It takes a lot of trial and error to find what works, which can be difficult for new link builders.

Is link building destroying websites?

 Why do I have to build links?www.netbuilders.org4/4/12

Yestaerday I was searching for forms, it was for link promotion, I’m not gonna lie, and the results were disappointing. I was looking for forums.

Directory Submission For Link Building

 Why do I have to build links?www.netarticledirectory.com4/4/12

Article from Net Article Directory and entitled Directory Submission For Link Building – By Abe Adam.

Link building techniques: Risk vs. reward

link building risk and reward 82010 Why do I have to build links?www.portent.com8/19/10

August 19, 2010 by Ian Lurie in Random. Link building is all about risk management. There are lots of ways to build links. But search engines do not like to be manipulated. They work constantly, with lots of really smart people, to find ways to

Content Development and Link Building

 Why do I have to build links?www.seopositiveltd.com4/1/12

It is a known fact that content development and link building are two of the cornerstones of search engine optimisation, the formers’ purpose is to develop.

Link Building Tutorial Shows You 30 Ways | Home Business

 Why do I have to build links?affiliatepowercentral.com4/4/12

How do I love this link building tutorial? Let me count the ways: there are 30 of them, waiting for you to take and apply them and reap the backlink benefits.

Tips To Follow When You Speed up Link Building Service

 Why do I have to build links?hemeraproperties.com4/4/12

Contextual Link Building helps increase the traffic within your site in addition to improve the profile of your site in search devices. By increasing your link building techniques, it’s also possible to rank on the list of top ten sites.

Building Backlinks for New Websites – What You Need to Know

 Why do I have to build links?www.savevillageofhope.com4/5/12

Very many web businesses have an aggressive approach such as seeking new methods for creating link building campaign, but you have to always be very sure you do your homework, first. If you are interested to know one

3 Innovative Link Building Methods For Your Blog

 Why do I have to build links?www.smartbloggerz.com3/30/12

Google is CHANGING the way it ranks websites… FIND OUT 3 Innovative Link Building Methods that can bring you GREAT RESULTS!

Link building blogs dropped by Google – This Week in Blogging

 Why do I have to build links?www.howtomakemyblog.com4/1/12

To keep you up-to-date with blogging, here are the most important news that caught my attention this week. Link building bloggers de-indexed Google has been making more changes in the way they rank sites. They have

Using Passive Link Building to Build Links with No Budget | SEOmoz

 Why do I have to build links?myseocommunity.com4/4/12

Not everyone has massive budgets or time to invest in link building so this post is for all the people out there that need to find creative ways to get the highest ROI from any time they do invest in link building. I want to show you a process I use

eCommerce Share » What’s Better – On-page SEO or Link-building?

 Why do I have to build links?www.ecommerceshare.com4/4/12

Every week, without fail, I hear someone ask where they should put their SEO budget – in on-page tactics or in link-building. Unfortunately, there are plenty of SEO companies and consultants lining up to give them the answer

Blog Network Apocalypse: Is Link Building Dead?

 Why do I have to build links?www.conqueredriches.com3/25/12

It’s a blog network apocalypse, they are slowly getting de-indexed by mighty Google. Is link building now dead?

Linkbuilding Factors | Linkbuilding Levels | The Different Levels of

 Why do I have to build links?seo-hacker.com3/26/12

First and foremost, I would just like to say that linkbuilding is here to stay. Social will NOT take over linkbuilding’s value and effects. There are different levels of linkbuilding that we use in our team that I think you should be

Anchor Links and SEO. Their Importance.

Anchor links are a very important part of your link building efforts and Page Rank.


They serve several purposes and will improve your rank by using popular keywords. Here are a few points to get maximum benefit from them.

So what are anchor links? These are links based on one of your keywords or key phrases, which will be based on the keywords and phrases in your content page or article. This will replace the URL or just a command to “click here.”

How they help to raise your rank and traffic


Googlebots find these easy to follow and can gather information for your site easier with these kind of links. Plus they collect all anchor links in the database and Google will consider them as valuable assets or resources for your site. Also when you use good keywords for your anchor links you will get more searches and get a better position in Google.

An important thing to remember with anchor links is that they are part of the Google database and are contributing to your website’s assets. If you erase these links when you remove or change content you will be losing valuable data for your site in Google’s database. This can result in a decrease in Page Rank. The reason being that Google will consider you have lost links and valuable resources for their customers (your visitors).
How to preserve your Anchor links when changing or discarding content:

When you erase or change content it is important to keep these links with Google. There are a couple of simple ways you can do this:


Write new content around your old links keeping the original anchor links intact.
You can also modify content and still keep old links.

Using anchors links with your articles


When distributing articles it is important for you to use anchor links in your article and bio box. This will bring more visitors with the use of keywords and allow Googlebots to follow these links by means of the keywords or key phrases. This is especially important in your bio box as this is the link that most people will use.

Blogging with anchor links.


When you make blogs always use anchor links. Again it will service the same purpose as those with the articles you are distributing. When you exchange links with other sites you can also make use of these anchor links instead of using website URLs or commands to click here. This is for the same reasons as above and will help you accumulate better link popularity and Page Rank.

So remember that links are different and can be more effective when you do them right. Anchor links are very valuable as you can see. When you use them for all your articles and web pages you will encourage the Googlebots to crawl your site better and bring your anchor links back as valuable data for your site. So when you next have to use a link consider whether you should use an anchor link instead

Choosing the right SEO firm

Search engine optimization (SEO) is your key to success but sometimes it just takes too long to implement.


This is when you might consider outsourcing and hiring a SEO company. However all SEO companies are not created equal and there are a lot of pitfalls out there. You will be wise to do a little research before hiring a company. You can view an excellent checklist here at our website design and SEO firm –

Points that should be checked.


-How will they be monitoring your site to keep your rankings position?
-What are the initial set up fees? And ongoing?
-What experience do they have IE previous/current clients.
-Where are their customers sites positioned in Google?
-Do they guarantee a specific result or ranking? eg to at least get you in the top 10 positions.
-Do they focus on Google? (We recommend this)
-What services are they going to offer and what is included in the package deal IE support etc
-How are they going to get you in the top 10 placement? Do they give you a report? A free SEO Audit?

Don’t go into this blind! Have the basic knowledge of SEO and the Google rules before you hire the SEO company.


You must avoid the SEO companies that use “black hat” (illegal tactics) some companies will indeed get you to the top 10 but will use some shady tactics to do this. You can check their methods by going to Google finding their site and their customers’ sites. Look in the source and see what they are up to. If they are using some tricks you will soon see in the HTML, and it is time to look for another company.

You cannot fool the Google machine.


Now I can hear you saying “but so what if they use a few tricks, Google will never catch up with me. “My site will be in the top 10 and I will make good money”. Do not fall for this, the Google boys are brilliant programmers and they have hired a few good people like them. The Google machine is relentless sooner or later they will catch you and without warning banish your site to the Google “jail” the infamous sand box. Your short-lived time in the sun will not be worth it.

So keep your eyes open and be sure that your SEO Company is above board.


Know what you are paying for and be sure there are no surprises, like hidden costs and extra fees. Read the fine print and be careful to understand the contract before signing. It is your hard earned money on the line.

So be aware of the Google rules. They are not too hard. Remember these rules and make sure your SEO Company is playing by them. Keep in mind Google customers are your visitors. What is best for Google customers is best for your visitors. Make Google your partner not your opponent and make sure your SEO Company thinks like you. There are a lot of good SEO companies out there you just need to do a little research before hiring them.

How Google +1 affects your site rankings

Google+1 – How valuable is it to rankings.


Nowadays, it seems that a lot of people are asking whether Google +1 is worth having or not, and if it can provide any help for their businesses. If you are one of these people, the answer to this question is a resounding YES! Google themselves have confirmed that +1 clicks can affect the positions and ranks in search results. In relation to this, the next consideration would naturally be to ensure that Google does enlist your website. But before anything else, make should you have already installed the Google +1 button on your site.

Here is a short guide how:


Step 1: Place this tag in the web page head or just before the close body tag:

Step 2: Place the tag below to where you want your +1 button located.

You have to remember that this method will activate W3C validation, and while there is an alternative that passes W3C it only gives you less control over the output:

The steps above are for the standard Google +1 button. If you want to use another size on your pages, you may change size=”standard” to size=”tall” or any size you want to use.

For some of you who are unaware, the Google +1 button works in a similar way to the Facebook like button. But because it is directly used by Google, the +1 button also appears in search engine results. Once a visitor clicks the Google +1 button or “likes” the page, it will tell Google that the user likes the website and take note of the details. The more “real” or “genuine” the people who like your page are, the more likely that your site will rank higher in search results.

Never Attempt to Cheat Google +1 Clicks.


Because the promise of higher search rankings due to +1 button clicks is too good to be true, some people may start clicking their +1 buttons or telling their friends and family to do the same. While that might work for some time, it can damage your campaign in the long run.

Because you need a Google Plus account before you can click it, Google would be able to detect fairly easy which clicks come from false or unverified accounts. It will also detect other +1 buttons you have recently clicked, which would reveal your real plan.

You should remember that Google is after the quality of your clicks, not its quantity, which means asking everyone you know to click is not an advisable strategy. In addition, you may also want to stay away from sites and people who “sell” clicks because Google would have you detected eventually.

On the 8th of September, the Google +1 buttons have also managed their way toward some Android and iOS powered mobile devices. Aside from the “like” factor, the +1 button also supports sharing with Google. Another innovation they made was to include all the faces and names of the people who have clicked the button.

You can see all these faces and names once you hover the cursor on that specific +1 button. This also helps you and your website become more visible not only to Google, but other users as well. Because of the many benefits of the Google +1 button, web developers and companies have already embedded it to more than a million websites.

Do not get left behind.


As said earlier, the clicks of the Google +1 button would become a more significant factor in increasing your website’s ranks in the months and years to come. That is why you should not waste any more time and add this button to your website. And because a lot of sites are either unaware of it, or still unconvinced of its effects, you should use it to your advantage immediately.

The Google +1 button is a new determining factor in a website’s ranks and search result appearances. In case you want to know more information about this important development in the Internet marketing industry, you may contact us and talk with our e-marketing specialists and SEOs.

Local Search Marketing Tips and benefits

There’s a huge amount of local businesses missing the benefit of their local search marketing.


This is because they are unaware of the enormous growth that their local small businesses could achieve if they implement online local search. Many small businesses have overlooked the benefits of local search marketing and on this article we will tackle some of the benefits you or your small business might be missing.

Changes is continues especially in the markets, either you have a small, medium or big business; you must catch up to take advantage of the local search marketing paradigm shift. The outcome of local search marketing is incomparable to offline methods as it does not only deliver increased revenue to your business rapidly but also provides cost effectiveness. Local search marketing for small businesses is easier to implement since the internet is much more accessible to consumers and there’s a wide range of costumers you can target that’s most of the time taking advantage of the technology this days.

Here are tips to help you understand the benefits of Local search marketing better.


Google Map. One of search engines free service that proves Local search is a priority. Search Engine caters local searches when they are developing every search result. Most of the searches are for local information reason why search engine tries to develop algorithms that supply local searches. If you own a restaurant, why not put your business name on Google map or create an online business card.

This way, your business name will appear online in most of the local search results and as every time a person queries for a restaurant within your city. Google maps local search result maps out your restaurant’s name, location and most specially the direction to reach your business area. Meanwhile your online business card provides your contact details that helps you get a direct client.

Yellow Pages such as and are of good help for most local search queries.


These are two most popular business local listings in Australia that offers enlisting services for free or paid business listing. For cost effectively purpose, take advantage on free listings such as local directories and local yellow pages or get prominent positions on these listings by upgrading to paid listings. In this method you’ll boost your websites visibility and help your local search marketing succeed.

Social Media websites are rapidly growing and thus connecting to people your website will be more likely recognize better but prospect consumers. Indulge your website to where the crowd is however making sure you avoid spamming is the safest way to reserve your websites credibility. Interact with prospect customers by being personal in presenting your products and services as Social Media websites provides domino effect.

Mentioned are just a few of the local search marketing techniques and ideas you could take advantage anytime. By doing this properly and systematically, expect to experience a dramatic growth in your business in terms of popularity within your local area.

What is Link Baiting and It’s Importance

What is link baiting?


It’s a common question everyone asks every time they hear these phrases. LinkBait or link baiting is another SEO strategy that promotes your website naturally in a long term manner. It is done through creating good sources of whether article, blog post, images or free tools you think your readers would need or would like to learn from you.

Through this simple SEO strategy creating valuable and natural backlinks to your website from your readers by liking your site and linking to your site without you asking them to do so is easier and everything is all because you’ve pleased your readers through the resources you’ve provided for everyone.

It’s essential to create articles and free tools not just to promote your site but to also to provide benefits for your audience .


With the existence of free blogs and other WEB 2.0 resources, spreading the good news is now easier and sharing links from one viewer to another does only take a second to do so. Just imagine a reader who’s been pleased for the information he has read and shared this information through tweeting or posting a wall! Imagine how many would be able to see this natural way of announcement and how many might do the same?!

Just another easy way to increase websites traffic at the same time a possibility of natural link back can be created through this one piece of information you’ve created for charity. Yes, link baiting is of good help to give love to your viewers and readers at the same time to be loved by them… Reason it’s essential to know what your audience need or what your reader wants from you!

Know what your competitors are doing

Soaring above your business competitors.


With so many changes and rapid growth in the field of online marketing, it has never been more important for companies to have a clear and effective marketing strategy. Creating a website that offers wide functionality is simply no longer enough, it also needs to build brand awareness and raise its online presence. A website without recognition and access in the World Wide Web is valueless.



Through the use of keywords – the words that people type in search engines to find services and products, SEO will position websites in search engines. Submitting quality content, social bookmarking and forum posting are some SEO strategies that are used to improve online businesses position and online rankings in Search Engines.

As a whole, Search Engine Optimization can enhance the visibility of websites, attract more potential clients, target market audience, increase website traffic, maximize earning potential by turning leads into sales and achieve higher return of investments. In short, SEO can give any online business the ability to make money almost every time with less expense.

Businesses must also understand that Search Engine Optimization is a continually evolving art. It will become more complicated than it is used to be because search engines are getting smarter. To make it really work, companies need to update their online business in favor of the users’ satisfaction and ease.

Presently, SEO is the best option for companies and businesses to succeed in an online business venture. Find out more benefits of SEO at

The best strategy to maximizing your site’s performance; SEM, SEO or BOTH?

Many people often used the terms SEM and SEO interchangeably thinking that the two are the same.


Although SEM and SEO are closely related, each differs in principles, methods and applications. To understand SEM and SEO better, take a closer look and find out how your online business can benefit from using either of the two or both.

SEM 101


SEM or Search Engine Marketing involves a combination of free website submissions and paid search engine listings to ensure that your website reaches your targeted audience who are using search engines to buy products or avail services.

93% of internet users do not look further than the first 2 pages of search engine results and 33% of that percentage believes that a company found in the top search results are major brand in their specific product or service category. If your website is not found on search engines top ranking results, you will likely to lose a prospective sale or client.

Thus, SEM raises your online profile and builds brand awareness. SEM has also been proven to yield higher Return of Investment in terms of generating traffic to your website, qualified sales leads and customer acquisitions than any other marketing channel.

SEO Basics


SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a cost-effective marketing strategy which typically includes keyword research and development, backend coding optimization, competitive analysis and industry benchmarking, website submissions and results reporting.

It uses specific techniques to ensure your website is found at the top of the ‘natural’ or ‘organic’ search results. By using relevant keywords, your website will rank higher on the leading search engines such as Google, Yahoo and MSN.

Thus, Search Engine Optimization can enhance the visibility of your websites, attract more potential clients, target market audience, increase website traffic, maximize earning potential by turning leads into sales and achieve higher return of investments. These benefits can be achieved with lesser expenses over traditional media advertisements.

At the recent CeBit conference in Sydney, new e-marketing data was presented which showed that searchers are more likely to click on natural results. They trust the search engine to do the work to give them the most relevant results and they have less trust for companies that have paid to get to the top. This could only mean that, that websites with successful SEO are more appealing to the online community.

Nevertheless, SEM should not be considered as an opposition to SEO since both SEM and SEO can help your website maximize its performance. A carefully considered combination of the two is your best strategy in achieving optimum visitor traffic and online visibility.

Achieving Page One Rankings with Sydney SEO Services

Australia SEO services in Sydney.


SEO Services in Sydney are gaining popularity at a very fast pace. These services have emerged as one of the most effective mediums for online businesses to get high ranks in the leading search engines and reach out to maximum numbers of potential customers.

Initiating online presence with effective web hosting provider is not enough. If a website is not supported with proper SEO strategies, it will get lost in the web traffic and cannot fulfill the purpose of its presence. Search Engine Optimization or SEO is an effective technique that can transform an ordinary website into a money making machine by making  the site ranked better in the leading search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN.

There are many SEO service providers and it is not difficult to get in touch with them.


To date, outstanding and proven SEO services are popular across Australia and New Zealand as well as some parts in Asia Pacific.

As a part of their SEO strategy, PageOneRankings offers an initial free SEO Audit that includes an accurate assessment of how long a website can achieve 1st page rankings in the 3 big search engines. Through this initial step, PageOneRankings SEO services have successfully been achieving 1000′s of high rankings for over 8 years on their own network. The firm is also working for some of the biggest companies in Australia and New Zealand to increase their natural or ‘organic’ search engine rankings.

Unlike any other SEO service providers which are claiming to offer top search engine results with no proof to back their claims, PageOneRankings publishes their 1st page search engine optimization results for highly competitive keywords and phrases every month on their site.

Committed in providing transparency in the search engine marketplace, PageOneRankings builds online businesses by increasing their search engine optimization and online rankings with published results instead of smoke and mirrors typical in the industry.

PageOneRankings is offering everything from published front page rankings, free SEO Audits, free 3 day trials of their SEO services and importantly with guaranteed results. For high rankings, more traffic, increased sales and 1st class organic SEO visit

“Central and Eastern Europe IT Outsourcing Review”

IT Outsourcing In Europe.


The research “Central and Eastern Europe IT Outsourcing Review” provides an evidence of the rapid development of IT outsourcing services market in the Central and Eastern Europe. The CEE cluster becomes the real player on the global outsourcing market. The clients are getting more interested in the “nearshoring” SEO services and a range of other remote work to the CEE region than in the offshoring to India or China.

The customers become more sophisticated in their business relationships. There has been a shift from simple cost savings as a motivation to valuing the experience of outsourcing services providers and efficiency of cooperation between the client and provider teams. The advantages of the CEE countries such as cultural compatibility with Europe and North America, technical and business experience are of great value for the clients.

One of the main objectives of the research conducted by the Central and Eastern European Outsourcing Association (CEEOA) with the support of Council of European Professional Informatics Societies (CEPIS), and sponsored by Ukrainian software development company NET Technology Center WEB100, is to provide the holistic view on the potential of the CEE region as a global cluster for provision of nearshore IT outsourcing for the Western European countries and for offshore IT outsourcing for the North American market.

“CEE IT Outsourcing Review” includes the detailed country profiles, experts estimations on the outsourcing market development during the recession period, their opinion on new tendencies and forecasts for the market recovery, profiles of the leading outsourcing companies in the region. The research examines key development indicators of the IT outsourcing market in the 16 countries of the Central and Eastern Europe region including market value, number of professionals, number of IT companies providing outsourcing services and market rates.

Market value is the main indicator of the development of IT outsourcing industry in a country.


The global economic recession had a marked influence on the IT outsourcing industry which was one of the first to suffer significantly. During the first half of 2008, in the CEE region, positive market inertia from 2007 sustained business activity.

However, in the latter part of 2008, there was a slight decrease by 2-3% in comparison with 2007 levels of business activity. But, at the outset of 2009, the IT outsourcing industry experienced a reduction of 15-20% on contract levels compared with the same time the year before. This does not bode well for the remainder of 2009.

When calculating the number of IT outsourcing companies, the criterion chosen was those with more than 10 employees directly involved in IT and software development (i.e. excluding administrative staff) as outsourced services. In accordance with the research findings there was little growth in the number of IT outsourcing companies. The number of company closures in 2008 was insignificant. Staff reductions of 5-7% across the industry led to the establishment of new companies by redundant workers, many of whom set up their own business or start-up projects.

When calculating the number of professionals, specialists involved in IT outsourcing were counted excluding administrative personnel.


Although, during the first half of the year the IT and SEO outsourcing market experienced a rapid development, in the second half of the year the market encountered hurdles and the numbers of IT professionals were reduced. But, after considering the graduates who entered the market, at the year-end the number of professionals involved in IT outsourcing increased slightly.

Rates are calculated based on the amount the end customer pays for the services of an IT specialist per year inclusive of salary, taxes, facilities, etc. Despite the economic crisis, the rates did not undergo a significant drop, but the cost of services is expected to fall considerably in the second half of 2009.

“CEE IT Outsourcing Review 2008” was conducted during January to July 2009. The national IT and outsourcing associations, largest outsourcing companies, and independent experts were invited as respondents.

The official version of the research “Central and Eastern Europe IT Outsourcing Review 2008” is available at the information portal ( and at the CEEOA website.

About our SEO services

  • You should only engage SEO firms with credibility and critically, proof. We offer both.
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